M.A.K 26" Solid Fiberglass Target Arrows,Extremely Safe Training Arrows for Beginner Youth Children for Recurve - SZ3312-2

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Originality design: As a training arrow for beginners, we have been trying to find stronger and safer materials, but not too expensive.
After nearly a year of screening and testing, we selected this solid glass fiber material. It has a particularly high strength and does not burst easily. We have equipped it with a fixed wide arrow and arrow feather, which is more suitable for beginners to practice.
With 6 colors, you can find more fun in sports and show your personality.
High-strength safety shaft.Precision vanes,nocks and bullet tip good for extended durability and long lasting target practice.
Nocks are fixed by glue. The tips can not be replaceable.Not easy to break.

Extremely Safe: Solid fiberglass arrow shaft with Field Points ,never be burst.
Highlight Personality: Colorful flecthing with 6 different color vanes.
For: They designed for beginner to practice,light weight for them use.
Fit: Suitable for draw weight under 25 pounds recurve bows.
Advantage: The standard high quality fiberglass target practice arrows can improve your archery skill quickly when you are archery beginner.



Condition: 100% New and In stock
Material: Solid Fiberglass
Feather: Plastic Vane
Out Diameter: 0.2 inches
Weight: around 30g each
Nock: White plastic
Feather: 6 colors(2 blue and 1 white/2 green and 1 white/2 pink and 1 white/2 red and 1 white/2 yellow and 1 white/2 orange and 1 white) or 2 yellow 1 white vanes(According to your choice)
Package Include: 12 pcs arrows or 6 pcs arrows(According to your choice)



User Notice:

★ Do not shoot against concrete wall or any hard substance. This may damage the arrows.

★ Use a proper bow. Shooting from a bow with draw weight over recommended value may damage both bow and arrow. Suitable for draw weight under 25 pounds recurve bows.

★ Always use an arrow rest. Or the bow may be damaged by any arrow.

★ If the plastic vanes shape is distorted.You can put the vanes into 176℉-194℉ hot water for a few minutes,or straighten them by using an air dryerthey ,they can be recover the original shape.

hunting arrows
Material Solid Fiberglass
Outer Dia 0.2 inches
package include 12 pcs arrows or 6 pcs arrows(According to your choice)
Weight around 30g each

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